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Cupcakes Most Wanted | By Leah

Pittsburgh’s 2nd Annual
Youth Cupcake Bake-off & Fundraiser

April 7, 2018
Cupcake Wars Pittsburgh Style!

Scrumptious Red Velvet

Our scrumptious red velvet cupcake is like no other you’ve ever tasted.  It is topped off with dreamy creamy butter cream.

Crazy Carrot

Crazy carrot cupcake is available with or without walnuts.  It is topped off with dreamy creamy butter cream icing.

Grandma Bell's Strawberry Cheesecake

Light and delicate and packed with fresh strawberries.  Topped with our strawberry cream cheese icing.

The Uncle Harold

Our to-die-for, decadently dark chocolate cupcake is topped with our silky smooth chocolate or vanilla bean icing.

Babe's Amazing Apple

This taste bud pleasing cupcake is made with real apples and delicious honey cinnamon icing.

Grandma Bell's Strawberry Shortcake

Light and delicate, this cupcake is made with real strawberries and freshly whipped cream icing.

Pap Pap's Very Vanilla

Made with fresh vanilla bean, Pap Pap’s favorite is topped with a raspberry drizzle or silky chocolate icing.

Nan's Sassy Sweet Potato

Inspired by great-grandma Eddings’ famous sweet potato pie, our signature cupcake is topped with dreamy, creamy butter cream icing.

Leah Head shot

The “secret ingredient” that distinguishes my cupcakes from all others is LOVE.

That’s what makes them taste so good!


Meet Leah Baker Fowler

Founder & President of Cupcakes Most Wanted

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Leah's recipe for success includes good homemade baking sprinkled with heartfelt philanthropic efforts

Cupcakes Most Wanted founder, Leah Baker Fowler, is a bright, talented, purpose driven 15-year old foodpreneur who loves baking. Inspired by playful times in the kitchen with her big sister and an encouraging “yes you can” from her grandmother, Leah started Cupcakes Most Wanted under the brilliant tutelage of her mother, Tia Baker, Cupcake’s Chief Operating Officer and breast cancer survivor.  Leah’s tenacious work ethic and dazzling creativity has resulted in a flavorful array of much sought after cupcakes that are each named after the person behind their inspiration. Leah’s signature cupcake—and favorite flavor—is Nan’s Sassy Sweet Potato, inspired by the sassy sweet potato pie recipe that made her great-grandma Eddings famous among friends and faCancer Round 2mily.   

The recipe behind Cupcakes Most Wanted success includes entrepreneurship and philanthropy.  Leah and Tia recently established The Leah Baker Fowler Fund with POISE Foundation to provide support to children fighting battles against cancer, as well as other charitable interest as determined by the mother-daughter team.  Leah’s interest in helping children with cancer was stirred by her mother’s triumphant battle against breast cancer, her natural philanthropic leanings, a desire to share her good fortune with others and to make a difference in the world.

From its inception, Cupcakes Most Wanted has served a steady stream of satisfied customers and is a sought after brand. Some of its clients include:

  • Girls Coalition of Southwest PA,
  • Children’s Museum 
  • Gwen’s Girls
  • CORO Pittsburgh

Leah has been asked to speak and share her story of entrepreneurship by organizations such as Girls Coalition of Southwest PA, Miller African Centered Academy and Urban Pathways Charter School and Food for Thought, a mentoring program which explores cooking, health, justice, and possible careers all through food related activities.  In addition to running Cupcakes Most Wanted, Leah is enrolled at the Milton Hershey School, where she is diligently studying to secure her future and the long-term success of her family company.   

Leah & Cupcakes Most Wanted
In her spare time, Leah plays the flute and dances for Pittsburgh Dance Troup, TCDC Dance collective. She recently joined Sistah Speak Youth Project, a mentoring and community organizing program for black girls and young black women ages 12 to 24 and BFLDI (black female leadership development institute) an organization which increases educational opportunities for selected African American girls to expand their leadership skills to make an impact in their communities.

Leah and Cupcakes Most Wanted have been featured The New Pittsburgh Courier, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kidsburg and the Soul Pitt. In July of 2014, Leah entered the Taste O’ the Burgh baking contest and won 1st prize, of which she is most proud of.

In January of 2015 Cupcakes Most Wanted began marketing its brand and selling cupcakes at the Ujamaa Boutique, located in the Hill District All of her cupcakes are home-made and baked fresh for each customer from top quality ingredients. Her flavors include:

  • Carrot
  • Red velvet
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • And her signature specialty, Sweet Potato

She will tell you that her “secret ingredient” that distinguishes her cupcakes for all others is LOVE. She says, “That’s what makes them taste so good”!

Cupakes Most Wanted Media & Events

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Shannon Nicole

“My job orders cupcakes for February birthdays. Just so happened my birthday is in February. I had the Red Velvet, Chocolate Chocolate, and Strawberry Cheesecake. OMG, they were AMAZING!!!!! I am going to order some for my friend’s birthday.”

Tiwanda Taylor

“The cupcakes are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I ordered a dozen for my birthday. The red velvet cake was very moist and the sweet potato cupcake has to be my favorite cupcake (ever). I strongly, strongly recommend that you support this young lady’s business. I will continue to patron Cupcakes Most Wanted – the cupcakes are EXCELLENT!”

Jenny Nielsen

“I work for Grantmakers of Western PA and ordered 5 dozen cupcakes in a variety of flavors for our 2017 Annual Meeting at the beginning of December. The cupcakes were such a hit – they were so delicious and everyone loved that they were made by Leah! For a very small fee, the cupcakes were even delivered to our meeting location, which is such a nice touch when you are busy planning for everything else that comes along with an event. Love Cupcakes Most Wanted and will order again and again!”

James Murphy

“There’s several factors that go into 5 star service for me:

Customer Service – I called Cupcakes Most Wanted 5 times within a 3 hour period. I had to go back in forth between the birthday girl’s wants and what Cupcakes Most Wanted could provide. Everytime I called back I was treated with respect, courtesy, and undivided attention.

Delivery – I was able to provide the time and date that I wanted the cupcakes delivered. Not only were the cupcakes delivered 15 min early, but I was sent a text message to let me know the cupcakes were on the way and the expected ETA .

Quality of Cupcakes – We ordered the Very Vanilla and Red Velvet. Even though we were supposed to let the Cupcakes sit in room temperature for 30 minutes before eating the cupcakes, we just couldn’t wait! Every bite was heaven on our taste buds.
I would definitely order from Cupcakes Most Wanted again!”

Keith Morris

“Shout out to you little lady!  Keep doing what you do! The cupcakes were fantastic. I really enjoy the strawberry ones. Thank you!”

Monique Woodson

“OMG! OMG! OMG! I called myself being nice, and buying a few teachers at the school cupcakes for Valentines Day from Cupcakes Most Wanted.  That sweet potato pie cupcake was the best cupcake I’ve ever had in life. I need another dozen for Valentine’s day and, no, I’m not sharing. LOL!”

Deesha Philyaw

“So tonight, courtesy of Taylor, I had my first cupcake from Cupcakes Most Wanted. Listen…I can’t eat lesser cupcakes anymore. I’m officially a fan. So for your next occasion, please consider this young entrepreneur and her delicious cupcakes! #blackgirlsaremagic”

Shinora Grayson

“I purchased the Apple and Sweet Potato Cupcakes from “Cupcakes Most Wanted”. They were amazing. Thank you for a quality product.”

Dawndra Jones

“Thank you for the delicious cupcakes!! My family enjoyed!”

Amachi Pittsburgh

“We ordered cupcakes for a recent training, and they were DELICIOUS! The Amachi “A-Team” are definitely fans.”

Cherrell Fulton

“You have an awesome gift! Please keep up the good work!! Be proud of yourself!”

Denise Johnson

“Leah’s cupcakes are absolutely scrumptious! The sweet potato cupcakes are everything!”

Tiwanda Taylor

“The cupcakes are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I ordered a dozen for my birthday. The red velvet cake was very moist and the sweet potato cupcake has to be my favorite cupcake (ever!). I strongly recommend that you support this young lady’s business. I will continue to patron Cupcakes Most Wanted—the cupcakes are EXCELLENT! ”

Dana Rae

“Let me tell you…Today I had the most delectable cupcakes EVER. EVER, I tell you! And they were made by a 12-year-old! I kid you not. This determined young lady became an entrepreneur at the tender age of 10 and now has her own business. When I say black girls rock, SHE is what I am talking about. You HAVE to check out her page. Cupcakes Most Wanted. Please please please support this beautiful young lady. She deserves every ounce. Thank you Leah! Your cupcakes were awesome! ”

Josephine Caminos Oría, La Dorita

“Leah and Tia’s cupcakes are better than homemade! My kids love them, and we can’t get enough of the frosting!  I count on Cupcakes Most Wanted when I don’t have time to bake myself.  Make sure to order Nan’s Sassy Sweet and Potato cupcake.  There’s nothing like it out there.”

Sister Sheila

“The cupcakes were wonderful! A group of us stood around after the event sampling the leftovers and trying to decide which was the best. We couldn’t decide. It’s a good thing you put several of your cards in the envelope because a number of people wanted them. Everything about the experience was easy and convenient.”

A Few Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Please give a 3 day notice when ordering 1 to 3 dozen and a 1 week notice for 4 or more orders.
  • Minimum 1 dozen per order.
  • Limit 2 flavors per dozen. Select flavors from menu & indicate any other specific changes using the DETAILS BOX below.
  • Deliveries are subject to a fee based on location.

475-emoji_android_purple_heart  For additional questions call 412-853-7217 or Email Us

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